Hart Media would like to apologize to its Faithful Customers over the Years. Unfortunately after 8 years of service will no longer be providing the quality products and services we once did. This is due to the companies and salespeople who think that Ripping People off is OK. Companies allowing their sales people to lie cheat and steal to make a large Commission UP TO 40% of your money and not providing a service. It is difficult to compete with companies that do not do what they are suppose to when you as the consumer want to trust them at their word. I always invited healthy competition. We enjoyed visiting the countryside and your local communities distributing Schedule handouts Door to Door Business to Business.


      These other Companies will send you a couple handouts and never provide another thing that was promised. Do not take our word for it Check out all of these links.

Spectrum Demographics Marketing They recently made a purchase agreement with the owner of

National Business Advertising Inc.  which if you follow the links in each of the words of their names you can see why this was the perfect merger. Hart Media had hit backlash of these business's behavior and others that believe in the same practices burn you and try to pad their pockets. There is also several others. If you would like information about any of the companies that will pop up please feel free to email me. hartmediainc@yahoo.com

Mission Statement:

Our vision is to develop long standing customer relationships expanding across the world by utilizing all available technological resources for the benefit of our customers.




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